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Sponsored by the Missouri Middle School Association

The Missouri Middle School Association, in order to enable and enrich middle level education in the state of Missouri, is offering three mini-grants not to exceed $300 during the school year 2000-2001. These grants are being made available to encourage the implementation and innovation of the middle level concept in the classroom and at the building level.

To be eligible for a MMSA Mini-Grant:
  • Complete an application demonstrating that the grant will be used to improve middle level education.

  • Show how your project meets one or more of the recommendations of the Carnegie Report's Turning Points:

    1. Create a small community for learning.
    2. Teach a core academic program.
    3. Insure success for all students.
    4. Empower teachers and administrators to make decisions about the experience of middle level grade students.
    5. Staff middle grade schools with teachers who are expert at teaching young adolescents.
    6. Improve academic performance through fostering the health and fitness of young adolescents.
    7. Reengage families in the education of young adolescents.
    8. Connect schools with communities.

  • Have approval of the district level administration.

  • Submit your application by December 7, 2000 to

    Jane Haskell, Executive Director, MMSA
    PO Box 487
    Rolla, Missouri 65402-0847

  • Be willing to write a review/evaluation of the project implementation with the use of the MMSA Mini-Grant for publication in the MMSA Transescent or another middle level journal.

  • Be willing to present your project implemented with the use of the MMSA Mini-Grant at a symposium.

Print-and-Send 2001 MMSA Grant Application - Use this form to apply for a MMSA Mini-Grant

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