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Lending Library

As a new member benefit, we are offering a lending library. Listed below is a list of publications and videos, which can be ordered. All you have to do is choose the publications or videos you would like to rent and fill out the enclosed order form below. The selection/s will be sent out immediately and are expected to be returned after a four-week period. There is a $5 fee per first choice and a $2 for any other choice after the first choice to cover mailing, except for pamphlets, which are a $1 fee. Also the lender is expected to pay for return expenses. If any item is lost, the lender is expected to pay the replacement cost.

Publications | Audio | Videos | Filmstrips & Tapes | Carousel with Tape | Order Form

Title of Publication Copies on hand
ABC's of Evaluation3
Advisor-Advisee Programs2
Around the Pole4
As I See It4
Celebrating Diversity4
Changing Middle Schools4
Connecting the Curriculum5
Cooperative Learning in Action2
Creating Family/School Partnerships5
Crossing the Tracks6
Curriculum Architecture3
Democratic Schools5
Designing Groupwork4
Developing Effective Middle Schools1
Dissolving Boundaries4
Directory of Mid. Lev. Teach. Prep. Prog.1
Dynamics of the Empowered School1
Dynamite in the Classroom6
The Exemplary Middle School2
Exploration: The Total Curriculum7
Growing Pains5
HELP (pamphlet)1
More HELP (pamphlet)20
Homework: A New Direction4
How to Evaluate Your Middle School1
In The Middle: Writing , Reading & Learning4
The Inquiry Process1
Integrated Studies in the Middle Grades3
Interdisciplinary Units and Projects4
Involving Families in Mid. Lev. Education2
The Japanese Secondary School1
Letters From the Middle1
The Middle School2
Mid. Lev. Educ. In Small Rural Schools2
Middle Level Teachers1
The Middle School Curriculum3
NMSA/NCATE Guidelines2
New Evidence for the Middle School3
Positive Discipline2
Practical Strategies1
Prescriptions for Success4
Problem Solving: A Heterogeneous Approach2
The Professional Preparation for ML Teachers1
Readings in Middle School Curriculum4
Reflections on Becoming1
Restructuring the Middle Level School3
Student Oriented Curriculum 11
The Team Process in Middle School1
Tools, Treasures and Measures3
Toward a Coherent Curriculum5
Visions of Excellence5
Watershed: A Successful Voyage3
What is a Middle School? (pamphlet)12
What is a Middle School? (pkg of 50)3

Audio Tapes
Developing a Model Middle School Program
Encounters in Excellence: A New Approach
to Educating Middle School Adolescents
I Forgot My Pen
The School in the Middle: What's Special About It?
The Status of Middle Schools
Translating Middle School Theory into Meaningful Curriculum
Transition to the Middle School - The Ways and the Hows

Banquet SpeakerNeila Conners
Birth OrderLarry Deaton
Celebration of Schools and TeachingLarry Deaton
Effective AdvisoryNancy Doda
Hold on to my Heart: The Real Middle School StoryNancy Doda
If Middle School is the Answer, What is the Question?Jim Garvin
Parent InvolvementJim Garvin
Banquet KeynoteKathy Hunt
Effectively Eliminating Burnout from Your LifeKathy Keusenkothen
Early Adolescence - A Time of ChangeNASSP
School Business PartnershipsJude Theriot
Cooking on the Middle BurnerJude Theriot
Banquet SpeechJude Theriot

Filmstrips and Tapes
An Introduction to Team Teaching
Changing from a JHS to a Middle School
Lincoln Middle School Theory and Practice
Organizing and Operating a Middle School
The Middle School Program in Depth
The Middle School Story

Carousel with Tape
Junior High to Middle School - What Changed Besides the Name?

MMSA Lending Library Print-and-Send Order Form - Use this form to order any of the materials listed above.

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